The Ancient Aegean Campaign

Session 11


After a fine breakfast with the innkeeper Penelope, Kalistala, Anaxalitus, Aspasia, and Azenwal venture into the heart of Knossos. A lilting voice raised in song was carried to the ears of Azenwal by a fresh sea breeze, and suddenly he thrust his dagger at Anaxalitus. Kalistala quickly disarmed him and Aspasia saw a queer pink aura when she looked for magic. The group bustled him to a small temple of Aesculapius, guided by a very loud follower of Zeus by the name of Zakros. The priest Gavinros, already known to Kalistala, helped them contain the enchantment within Azenwal so that he would no longer be under its control, although they could not extract it completely.

Later that day Aspasia and Azenwal were able to excite the interest of a Cretan merchant, Rhianos, into buying most of the cargo from the ship. Anax and Asp stayed in town and unsuccessfully tried to enter the temple of Hades, while Azen and Kali returned to the ship, informing the captain of the purchase and also of the safe harbor the merchant promised. The captain seemed taken aback by some change in Azen but ordered the ship to set sail into the harbor. The very, very seasick Kharon returned to the ship as well.

Anax found the leader of the black market entertainment sector – Penelope has a very large hand in the bloodsport arenas that the young regent loves to participate in. Anax has agreed to compete… but each fight is to the death!


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