The Ancient Aegean Campaign

Session 1
The Rescue

Vasylius and Anaxalitus joined forces to track down the thieves who dared to steal the offerings to Hecate in the sleepy port town of Ioclus. With only days to spare before the Festival to Hecate it was imperative that the offerings be found and returned.

The two traveled on horseback into the foothills at the base of Mt. Olympus. Anaxalitus’s sure thrown spear found it mark in the belly of a sow, upon which the two warriors feasted. Anaxalitus had to defend his prize from a fierce weasel, whom was unceremoniously smashed into a pork roast with a shield.

The two men reached the Peiran spring, where a ranger and four escaped slaves were attempting to set a trap for some large beast. Rather than be captured, the ranger clamped his teeth on a pellet, releasing a poison which killed him instantly. He had no identifying marks or documents.

The trap was dismantled in time for a magnificent Content Not Found: Pegasus to alight upon the ledge of the spring. The creature seemed to acknowledge the two adventures and enjoyed a leisurely drink.

Vasilius and Anaxalitus returned to Ioclus triumphant, bearing slaves and offerings, and the travelling story teller Thalamos took head and began composing an epic tale befitting the quest of the two heroes.

True to his word, Vasilius declared the slave, Jainas, who had helped the duo, to be a freed man, much to to the slave’s astonishment.

That night, the two both dreamed of a tall, regal woman approaching them at a mist-filled crossroads, raven perched on her shoulder. They received Hecate’s Blessing (1/day roll 2xd20 and take highest, or re-roll and take the second roll).


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