The Ancient Aegean Campaign

Session 9

The Desecration of Delphi

Using the amulet from the deceased royalty on the sunken ship, the intrepid heroes Anaxalitus, Aspasia, Kharon, Vasilius, Kalistala, and Azenwal found a doorway marked with the royal symbol. Beyond the door they found a passage up into the hills though a sandstone cave system. Halfway to the temple complex they found a ladder, which lead to a small village, which was beset by man-sized, grotesque, crawling severed hands. They dispatched the threat, saw approaching reinforcements, and down back down into the cave system to trek up to Delphi. When they emerged from the palace they saw a vista of devastation: the priests had been nailed to the columns of their temples by their crossed arms – and were all missing their hands.

With an army of monstrous hands swiftly approaching from down the hillside, they raced to the Oracle, who was at the last of her strength and barely holding out against the corruption of Xylas. Aspasia tried to heal her, but was crippled by the corruption. Azenwal the Atlantean was able to shift the blockage holding back the blessed Delphic waters, and as it flowed free it cleansed the Oracle, Aspasia, and withered the hands in a vast flood.

Apollo blessed each hero with skilled performance for their valor.


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