The Ancient Aegean Campaign

Session 8

The Wreck at Port Delphi

Kalistala awoke to find herself aboard a strange ship, but the sight of a healing priestess of Aesclypius calmed her worries. She had still retained a large bag of the hallucinogenic mushrooms the Maenads had partied with the night before. Kharon finally accepted a tonic from Aspasia and feels markedly better. The first mate, the Atlantean, noted that this is a very odd bunch of people to be travelling together. The ship reached the entrance of the Port Delphi harbor, and those at the rails noted a recent looking shipwreck in the extraordinarily clear water. Upon reaching the dock, the adventurers notice that the dockworkers work woodenly, do not speak, and do not respond to any calls. They disembark, with the Atlantean looking for ship supplies and the rest venturing into town. All of the residents appear the same way – wooden, glassy eyed, and unresponsive. Aspasia and Kalistala find music coming from a tavern, inside they find a young man singing and playing a lute to a room full of afflicted citizens. Surprised to see active humans, he tells them that he’s been away, only recently returned, and that everyone is like this. His extended family is only marginally responsive. The tyrant of the city, Thyrumon, fled a few months ago when everyone was falling ill but his ship was sunk as it was leaving the harbor, for reasons unknown. Aspasia tried to heal a woman but found that the woman is actually completely asleep, though still walking and moving. Aspasia attempted to read her dreams but is sucked into the nightmare and falls to the floor convulsing. Kharon attempted to revive her by causing fear but only succeeded in making the nightmares worse. Kalistala wakes her up by sticking an anti-hangover root in Aspasia’s mouth. This remedy did not work for the other people though. They searched the city for a secret passage to Delphi proper but have no luck. They decided to investigate the wreck for clues.
The wreck was about 50ft underwater. The Atlantian stands on the rail and dove off, shimmering into a dolphins form. Aspasia handed out gillyweed to everyone except Kharon, who opted to stay on the ship and observe from above. The party was nearly attacked by dolphin guards, but the Atlantian was able to deter them from their mission bestowed by Dionysis. In the wreck they found corpses chained to oars, a load of valuable items, women and children who died in their quarters, and a swarm of jellyfish which were handily eaten by the dolphins. Kalistala sliced a finger on a rather sharp barnacle. In the captian’s quarters they found the corpse of the tyrant, who had a special key-like amulet. Just then a huge creature slammed into the side of the ship – a Megapolus Sharkipus Rex, attracted by the blood scent. The battle was intense – enraged Kalistala’s spear found a sensitive spot in the beast’s nose, Vasilius climbed inside the creature’s gills to cut into it’s blood rich gill rods, the Atlantean summoned a pod of dolphins to batter the shark ferociously, Aspasia’s blessing heartened the party and her clay snake seemed to deliver an attack, Anaxalitus missed but his spear returned to his hand, and Kharon doomed the creature from the ship above.
The captain Ormenos immediately began a salvage operation, which unearthed a surprising amount of rare and valuable items. Anaxalitus skinned the hide from the dead monster shark, for future use in a special armor. Vasilius took the jaws to be mounted on the prow of the ship. Some loose teeth were also gathered up. Kalistala made friends with the dolphin pod as well.


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