The Ancient Aegean Campaign

Session 7

Deserted Islands Aren't

It took another day for their ship, the Helm of the Unseen, to be ready to sail. Vasilius hired Ormenos, a grizzled old smuggler captain, to pilot the ship and prepare a crew. Between Ormenos and his first mate, a dark-skinned foriegner nicknamed ‘the Atlantian’, a solid crew was formed. Kharon stepped aboard and was promptly seasick for the next two days, refusing help from Aspasia on grounds of principle. Aspasia found a bunch of gillyweed, and gave Molos the teen quartermaster an amulet of Aescylpius. Stavros perched on the tiller and regarded the crew’s reaction as highly entertaining. Once sailing, Pegasus appeared and the two winged monsters had a bit of a scrape before their respective favorite humans called them to reason. Pegasus perched on the prow for the remainder of the day’s voyage. On disembarking for the night he flew off. During the night on the uninhabited island the crew and adventurers were attacked by a pack of hyenas, whom were handily defeated mostly by Aspasia, as the two rogues had a bout of bad luck. In the morning Anaxalitus and Vasilius searched inland for fresh water and came upon an unconscious and somewhat poisoned warrior woman, whom they brought back to the ship for healing along with her possessions.


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