The Ancient Aegean Campaign

Session 6

Followers of Hades

Following the clues from the notes in Calymnos the Phyrigian’s pouch, Anaxalitus and Aspasia headed to the main temple of Hades near the edge of the city, where they met Kharon, a priest there. Kharon lead them to Xalys’ quarters, where they frightened off a couple of bold acolytes. In his room Anaxalitus espied a crumpled map, which handily turns out to be of the adjoining catacombs. As the trio approached the entrance to the catacombs another group of Xalys’ followers impeded their progress, but scattered after Anaxalitus bull rushed the strongest of the group. Delving into the catacombs, the trio used the map to avoid the worst of the dangers. However, the aura of a dead initiate overcame Anaxalitus and he attempted to flee. Luckily, Aspasia calmed his fears and they continued to the exit, in a mausoleum on the outskirts of the huge cemetery complex behind the temple. Just down the road was a little village intersection, and one road led towards a shrine of Hermes. The party headed to the shrine, where they met the most poorly concealed hired killers that Greece has ever seen. One was intimidated and ran, but the other man threw down three small egg like vials. Nothing happened, and the man died cursing as Anaxlitus gently smashed the side of his skull with non-lethal damage. Three harpys then appeared, and the trio was joined in fighting by the monster Stavros, who took out a harpy on his own. After the harpies were vanquished, Anaxalitus collected some extra harpy claws for his friend Vasilius, and the trio asked around in the hamlet and discovered that a priest of Hermes had boarded a ship and sailed for Delphi the day before.


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