The Ancient Aegean Campaign

Session 5

The Faceless Murder

With Vasilius busy managing the building of a custom ship, Anaxalitus and Aspasia decide to go in search of the identity of the faceless god and the whereabouts of the Phrygian.

Following a tip from an older priestess they begin their search at the temple of Dionysis, where a they are greeted by the undeniable sounds of a rather raucous ceremony.

An elderly priest, Remus, takes matters in hand, dismissing the nubile young priestesses and attempts to help the two. However, he is exceedingly distracted by the fine form and figure of Anaxalitus. Luckily Aspasia was able to bring him back to the matter at hand.

Remus is able to give them the Phrygian’s real name, Calymnos, and his address. In return, Aspasia crafts a magical salve with wonderous properties for the clergy of Dionysis.

As they cross the city, Anaxalitus is momentarily disturbed by a passing shadow overhead, but dismisses it. Upon reaching the agora nearest the address Aspasia is distracted by some finery for sale. Another roof-top shadow crosses their vision. They decide to go to a quieter neighborhood and then return.

When they arrive at the address a hubbub is ensuing. An older well-to-do lady, Biona, is charmed by Aspasia and bids her head the investigation. The pair search Calymnos’ dwelling, the first floor is slightly amiss, and the loft contains a huge collection of deity figurines from many cultures. There are six faceless god statues, one small jade one which emanates a strong aura. When Aspasia places it in her hand, it grows colder by the second as her anklet grows warmer. She dropped the figure into her bag and the sensation ceased.

Downstairs, Anaxalitus notices a strange, blue/gold iridescent feather and some blood drops. He races ahead to track the blood, Aspasia remaining behind to instruct the house to be closed off. She catches up with him in time to find the blood led to a large culvert in a city drainage way.

Anaxalitus plunged into the culvert only to hear an ominous hissing. He found himself face to face with an unknown monster, who reared and attacked. Behind him Aspasia summoned the strength of her god and shone with a divine splendor. The monster was cowed and attempted to flee, but was caught between the two. Spectators on a nearby bridge saw the priestess face down the raging beat and back it into the shadows of the culvert, where she was able to put it to sleep and read its dreams. Upon touching its brow, the anklet surged and she felt the creature’s nightmares cease.

It woke and listened intently to the discussion between Aspasia and Anaxalitus, as they hatched a plan to explain the happenings. Anaxalitus emerged first, victoriously working the crowd. Aspasia followed, with the beast licking her feet and cowering. The crowd lapped it up, and the glory of Aescylpius’ healing power, to tame a maddened, raging beast, was shouted throughout the city.

Further in the sewer was a body, face torn away. A long scar on his forearm identified the body as Calymnos. A satchel of hastily stuffed documents was kept by Anaxalitus. A tattoo of an omega on the corpse’s chest was noticed as well.


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