The Ancient Aegean Campaign

Session 3

The Harpy

After much investigation they discovered that there odd noises emanating from the mansion of Noxos, the brother of the ruler Patroclus. The two heroes sneakily managed to get themselves hired as guards for Noxos’ estate. That night they investigated the house and found to their dismay that the girl was trapped in a chest in the attic and that a fearsome harpy was being kept in the master bedroom. They freed the girl, and while the harpy was perched on the outside balcony they slipped into the bedroom, closed the door to the balcony, and Althea slit her uncle’s throat as he slept.

The three ran outside and the enraged harpy attacked. Together they slew the wretched creature. Althea thanks them profusely and granted them a shadowy cloak and a set of golden torques, kept by Anaxalitus, before running off into the forest.

Before raising the alarm they cleverly placed the body of the harpy in Noxos’ bedroom, then claimed victory for defeating the creature, but not before it had slain Noxos. In the confusion they were able to break into the basement office and steal a valuable ring, amulet, and an odd, faceless statue from a shrine.

Vasilius took the harpy’s skin and claws for his own. Anaxalitus walked through the woods the following day and found a pouchful of nuts and berries which seemed to have been left directly in his laugh, echoes of girlish laughter in his ears.

In thanks for defeating the harpy which slew his brother, and for news of his daughter, Patroclus bade the next ship which stayed in Oiklos to ferry the two heroes to Athens.


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