The Ancient Aegean Campaign

Session 2

The First Disaster

After an unfortunate accident occured to Anaxalitus’ opponent in the combat ring, wealthy merchant, Content Not Found: Pamphilus, hired our heroes to be guards on his ship to Athens. Distrustful of such a coincidental arrangement, Anaxalitus checked out his mansions but could find no way in.

The voyage lasted two days – on the third day Vasilius noticed one of the rowers go to the shrine of Poseidon aboard the ship. He checked and found it had been sorely desecrated. A huge wave, caused by I know not what, broke the ship in twain. As Anaxalitus struggled to hold tight to the mast, Pegasus broke through the clouds, alighting close by and allowing him to mount. Anaxalitus threw a rope to his companion, and Perseus flew away from the wreckage, bearing both aloft.

They made land on a deserted beach, where the two exhausted men slept the night. Anaxalitus woke to see Pegasus fly off to the east. The men decided to head deeper into the island in search of civilization.

They made their way through a towering oak wood, where they spent another night. A half day’s journey found them near a stream, when they were suddenly surrounded by bow-wielding tawny skinned maidens, with clothes of leather and leaves and eyes of tiger yellow. No attempts at communication were answered, when the men dropped their weapons the bows lowered a fraction. The men were kept still until nightfall. As dusk fell the maiden’s eyes glowed white, their skins darkened to a midnight purple and their laughter and song rose to the stars. They gleefully accompanied the men to a place of food and shelter and explained their plight. A human girl from the settlement was always chosen to be their priestess for a period of time, then returned to the village to be blessed in womanhood. The current priestess, Content Not Found: Althea had vanished from their sanctuary, seemingly against her will, but the maids could not leave the forest.

The two men agreed to search for the priestess, and the maids accompanied them to the town, where they presented themselves as mere shipwrecked sailors.


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